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Bath tube and shower resealing

Keeping your bath, shower and sinks watertight with a good silicon seal prevents water ingress into the fabric of the building. Even small breaks in the seal can cause gradual ingress which is often left undetected causing damage to joists, plasterboard, decoration and saturation/damp in solid walls. Old silicon will also age to an off white sometimes yellow colour, or even have black mould spots growing making for an unsightly bathroom. There is no better and cheaper way to freshen up your bathroom than with a fresh bead of silicon. How Long? Bath re-seal - 1.5 hours (Resealing a standard size bath between the bath and tiles, with no shower screen or corners to seal) Shower Re-Seal - 1.5 - 2 hours for a standard sized shower tray measuring 700 mm by 700 mm square between shower tray and tiles and shower tray and the internal side of a shower screen. Extras Does your bathroom ceiling need a fresh coat of paint? Does your bathroom need a deep cleaning? I can fix new shower screen, I can fix bathroom cabinets to you walls,

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